Wednesday, August 31, 2011

River Cher’s Greatest Hits

Approaching along the tow-path

With the last leg of our journey back to the Gers ahead of us, our Europe Summer 2011 getaway draws to a close. Since it’ll be a few months at least before we’re drawn away from the farm again and because Gustav hasn’t seen much of France outside the Gers apart from the highway from Dunkirk, I’m taking us on a small diversion to see one of the more interesting châteaux: Chenonceau.

I toured the grounds and interior of this château with Bondi some years ago, but really the main drawcard is the building exterior straddling the River Cher. And by following that river westwards from Ken & Walt’s place for about half an hour we can get onto a towpath that’ll give us a full free view. I think this is actually a better way to approach the château, seeing it break the view down the Cher like some combination of bridge and windowed dam wall.

ChenonceauThere were a few people out along the river this morning: walkers, joggers and quite extraordinarily, a woman cycling with some miniature dachshunds racing behind her.

Chenonceau with munson on tow-pathMunson @ Chenonceau

Munson seeking swim in the Cher
Munson came quite close to taking a swim in the Cher this morning, and I would have loved to have seen him swim through one of the arches … but maybe another day. I really didn’t want a wet dog in the car for the remainder of  our long drive.

Finally back on track we headed south, departing from the A20 highway before Limoges to follow the more picturesque N21 through the Dordogne region to Agen and home.

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