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SWEDEN Ängelholm

2011-08-03 SWEDEN Ängelholm

Gustav is working every morning this week, and with his parents off enjoying some sun on a Baltic island, I took off early with Munson to visit Ängelholm, home not of angels, but of clay cuckoo ocarinas. When I reached the town centre I could see a big market being set up and thought how fortunate I was to have picked market day. However when we walked over, I found that it was the same little international food fair that had been in Malmö on the weekend.

That was only a small disappointment: it was a charming almost too clean town and they had good coffee, so nothing to complain about that morning. There’s a short tourist film here which extols the local scenic virtues. Brush up your Swedish and stay for the ocarina playing.

Ängelholm marina

Unlike Helsingborg, the town doesn’t have a port-like harbour on the sea. Instead there’s a beachside suburb with white sandy beaches and a large marina at the mouth of the river. We’re in the southernmost county of Sweden so it’s the place for sun and sea sports if you’re not willing to venture further south into the Danish tropics.

Ängelholm marina

Ängelholm beach
latte art in a cartonSpotted in the supermarket: those clever Swedes have simplified the process of making artworks out of the steamed milk in coffee by making it available in pourable form.

This sort of ingenuity in the locals is not surprising considering that local man Richard Handl made headlines around the world this week by constructing a nuclear reactor in his kitchen. His work was detailed in the blog Richard’s Reactor. I’m sure this work could be turned into making a miniaturised espresso machine or self-winding Allen-keys for IKEA…

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