Saturday, August 06, 2011

SWEDEN Halmstad tall ships

Halmstad tall ships

Yesterday in Båstad I learned that the 2011 Tall Ships Race would be in Halmstad for a few days, having started in Waterford Ireland, and progressed to Lerwick in the Shetland Is and then Stavangar Norway before reaching Sweden.

Since Gustav was off work early for the week we drove up to have a look at the promised 70-80 boats that would be there. Quite honestly it was a bit anticlimactic as there really wasn’t much to do but see a lot of fairly similar boats lined up along the harbour. They weren’t open for boarding until the evening, so we ended up promenading up and down the line, grabbing some lunch and then driving back south to Malmö for the weekend.

The place where we had parked the car in Halmstad had this old railroad sidecar. I thought it might be interesting to harness Munson to pull it, but he really didn’t warm to the idea.

Munson working the railroad

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