Sunday, August 28, 2011

Viking invasion of Brighton

Gustav & Munson @ Farm Kitchen
Picking up the thread of an earlier story … Gustav arrived from Sweden on the first morning flight from Copenhagen to Gatwick. It’s his first pillaging expedition visit to the UK and because he’ll be here less than 48 hours before we head off to France, I thought it would be nice for him to see somewhere other than London.

Brighton bikes & Moomin Pappa

Since we were to be staying with Jonnie again in the south of London, Gatwick was handily halfway between there and Brighton. We had gorgeous weather through the morning as we wandered around the bohemian shopping district of North Laine.

North Laine street art

The relaxed neighbourhood, vibrant street art, and the endlessly smiling malamute made it a very festive atmosphere to welcome a new visitor. Brighton’s looking even better than it did on my last trip some years ago, and the Royal Pavilion has shed some of the makeover scaffolding that I dimly recall from that time. It’s a bank holiday weekend, signalling the end of the summer break for many people, but a jolly day out for everyone nonetheless.

Munson @ Royal Pavilion, Brighton

A cold squall brought in some pelting rain as we headed toward the beach, but we toughed it out, scorning the threat of manflu. One of the shoreside attractions was a pool full of large transparent spheres where people paid five pounds to get in them and basically try to do anything without immediately falling over. Munson was entranced by this but felt compelled to attempt some rescues, nearly dragging me into the water behind him.

Brighton beach and pier

On our way back into London we stopped off at a big Tesco supermarket to do last-minute grocery shopping for all the non-French exotica we might need for the next few months. The back of the car is heaving with food that’s impossible to find or extraordinarily expensive, especially anything with seeds or nuts. Jonnie and Grant have whipped up a super dinner to welcome Gustav and get my Offa’s Dyke debriefing. Munson still has Grant singled out as the person to chase for food treats.

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  1. These last few posts bring back a lot of memories for me. I spent most of my time along that coastline as a fairly naive 18 year old on her first trip away from home.


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