Sunday, October 02, 2011

I do my little turn on the cat walk

Candyshop on the savannahBrent stopped by while taking Legend on a leashed walk of the farm to invite me and Munson along for the journey. Legend takes to the leash better when Munson is there setting an example for him.

About 150m down the road, I turned around to see one of the farm cats following us into the fields. In the evenings it’s quite common to see a little trail of loping fur following Brent and Jean into the fields to check the cattle. I wasn’t expecting to see one out in 30-plus heat following two large dogs.

Candyshop is one of the best mousers of the young quartet of barn cats, and I often see him from my terrace in the morning pursuing larger rabbits.

We only walked about a kilometre in all, with Candyshop often walking under and in step with Munson and Legend. If Candyshop walked ahead, then Munson felt compelled to walk faster so that he wouldn’t cede lead position. On the return journey you could see Candyshop’s little red tongue as he panted through the heat.

Brent, Legend and Munson  Brent & Legend 
On another occasion Brent was rolling out a hay bale into the fields and Griff, the smallest of the cats, trotted out to investigate. They are absolutely fearless whether they’re underfoot with children or cows. 
Griff having the hay carpet rolled outBrent & Munson's catnap

With the fields variously alive with cattle, humans, cats, dogs and chickens; there’s still time for everyone to catnap.


  1. That last picture of Munson just cracks me up! Love it!