Monday, October 17, 2011

Vale Bert Pierce

My first  month in the UK was spent with my friend Stuart and his parents Bert and Shirley. They were very kind to me and Bondi as we explored the north of England while trying to get sorted out with the merry-go-round of car and insurance paperwork. The last time I saw Bert was when we stopped by Shevington in October 2007, heading south from Scotland in the last weeks of our travel odyssey. I remember Bondi waiting patiently for leftovers from Bert’s breakfast, a little ritual played out between them in the kitchen over many visits.

11907012_largeBert passed away on the morning of the 6th, a proud and generous man who I shared some great laughs with. My thoughts are with Shirley, Stuart and Susie. You are missed Bert.

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  1. I have enjoyed reading about your adventures. I am sorry about Bert. It is hard to lose a friend but excellent to have good memories from your time together. Thank you for sharing.


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