Saturday, November 26, 2011

Apple sauce–armagnac style

Munson cleans the roasting pan

Roast pork, gravy and apple saucePork is a whole lot cheaper than other meats in France, so I thought I’d try a roast pork shoulder. It all came out very well, all the flesh came apart in my fingers straight out of the roasting pan.  I could have gotten away with shortening the cooking time by an  hour or so since the shoulder cuts I had were already deboned and rolled.

I found a super-easy recipe for apple sauce that called for a few tablespoons of cognac to be added. Cognac? ‘Heck I’ve got litres of armagnac in my kitchen just waiting to be used for cooking. I’ve got the food miles on this meal way down – most of it came from the local farmers market and the armagnac was produced on this very farm.

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