Friday, November 25, 2011

Everything old is new again

Europe Spring 2007 - one photo per day travelled


Those readers (hi!) who follow this blog’s updates through twitter, RSS feeds or email updates may be seeing a trickle of posts from 2007. There is a reason!

As I’m working on “the draft of the book of the blog”, I’m reviewing old posts in conjunction with my other notes, photographs and various sordid memories. The block of posts I’m working on are those relating to the Europe Spring 2007 tour which had Bondi and I tackle twenty countries across 20,000km in about fifteen weeks.

Since my posts on the road were often quite hurried, and I couldn’t upload many decent quality photographs, I’m taking the time to reformat and republish those old posts as I redigest them. There’ll be a few minor copyedits here and there to correct typos and dead-links, and the addition of more keywords for my own indexing amusement, but otherwise you’ll just see those posts looking much clearer. Where I stitched together photos haphazardly using ancient 2007 technology, I’ve been able to restitch the originals with much cleaner results. The luxury of better bandwidth and better editing software*  means I’ve been able to lay out each post with larger image previews and


As of this minute, I’ve updated the posts for March 1 – 4, but it’s not hard to work out where I’m up to as the posts thereafter remain looking a little bit like roadworn 2007.

* Windows Live Writer: and no that doesn’t mean I’m letting the WLW team off the hook for the bugs I submitted years ago that haven’t been fixed.

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