Sunday, November 27, 2011

Le jour de la dinde

Apparently this is a traditionBack in the 90s when I started working with a lot of Americans down under, they’d refer to Thanksgiving as Turkey Day, and stick up pictures of crudely drawn birds made by drawing around the outline of their splayed fingers. During my Seattle years I attended a few turkey dinners with those who hadn’t braved weather and airlines to fly back to distant family around North America.

This year Jean announced she was going to cook “a lot of brown stuff” for a Gersois Thanksgiving dinner and the guest roster from the UK, Australia and Sweden would bring colourful side dishes. It wasn’t practical to find a whole turkey here so she followed George Orwell’s recipe from his Animal Farm cookbook of “four legs good, two legs bad” and assembled a multi-drumsticked superbird from available parts. We donated apple-sauce and a very colourful cabbage, apple and orange salad.
Minty telling me that I'm acting weird.  Otto explains his new chess game to Susie and Minty
Being rather an outsider for Thanksgiving rituals I was the only person who fell for Jean’s request that I keep a small pumpkin balanced on my head during dinner. Perhaps I was the only person with sufficient deportment skills and grace to pull off such a tricky manoeuvre while quaffing beaujolais nouveau and debating with the Munsoneers.

Jean’s account of the banquet may be found over on Brat Like Me.

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