Thursday, November 17, 2011

The cat inspector

Munson, Milkshake & GreycuteNovember continues to be chiefly sunny, tee-shirt wearing weather, warm days broken up by a little bit of rain and nights cool enough to demand a roaring fire for comfort.

Through these glorious days the kittens laze about on doorsteps, their sunshine broken up only by fluffy cumulomunson clouds wafting by.

Munson’s putting on winter form, a little bit more fat and a much denser coat. Already many smaller cloudlets are breaking off him and floating around the house.
Munson, Milkshake & Greycute  Munson, Milkshake & Greycute
IMG_2710Griff, the blackest of the cats is a frequent visitor to our villa at night, his eyes appearing first, heralded by loud purring.  Munson is sooo happy to see him and escorts him through the house, tail wagging crazily. One time Griff ran under our bed, his purring amplified by the enclosure. Munson was a bit freaked by this and jumped onto the bed for refuge, hanging over the edge to try to determine the source of the noise. Griff emerged under him, twisting his head back to rub himself all over Munson’s snout.

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