Thursday, November 24, 2011

Soup kitchen

It seems I just can’t stay out of the kitchen these days. However, buying fresh food in 1-2 week batches at the local markets means you have to use or lose it. When I made the lavender lamb last week, I roasted about a third of a butternut pumpkin in the pan. I had the intention of turning the rest into soup, so I took the time to skin and de-seed the remainder, and wrapped it up for the refrigerator.
2011-11-23 Pumpkin soup
The recipes I saw for pumpkin soup called for greater quantities than the kilo I had left over from the lamb roast, so I made up the difference in potatoes and threw in a beet to compensate for colour and flavour. I also toasted some pumpkin seeds and pine nuts to serve along with fresh cream to the finished masterwork. It certainly beats anything I’ve ever had out of a tin. I really don’t know why I didn’t get into the real soup-making habit long before.

Surprisingly, Gustav had never had pumpkin in any form before I introduced him to its sweet seductive taste. Munson on the other hand has been loitering “with intent” since the aroma of soup started floating off the stovetop this afternoon.


  1. Anita2:20 pm

    When I come to live with you (and Gustav)in France I will happily eat soup every day. Now you just need to master Chicken Noodle Soup like my Grandma used to make and I'll be set.

  2. Gustav, did you forget the pumpkin soup I served at Christmas? :(

  3. @Hugh: I'm sorry, I had totally forgotten about that. @ Mike: Your pumpkin soup is nothing against Hugh's! :P

  4. Apparently I need to add more alcohol to the presentation to make it "(un?)forgettable".