Tuesday, November 08, 2011

This morning Matthew, I am going to a hoe down


When guests come down to the country, they often have difficulty selecting a suitable wardrobe. Ben is one of the rare few who can pack lightly yet still strike an elegant compromise between concert podium and backhoe.
6454252989_213f6ddb86_bEver the consummate pro, he whistles some tune from the cereal music canon : “Oh, I’ve got 20 quavers and you’ve got 43 beats to the bar…”. I’m sure you know it.

6454271825_93d7b03f04_bHe went gallivanting around the paddocks just as we were getting ready to take him to the airport. I thought I’d never see the back of him, but fortunately Brent caught it on camera.

The entire set of originals may be found on Flickr.

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