Sunday, November 06, 2011

Tonight Matthew, I’m going to be Harry Christophers AND The Sixteen*


We have the pleasure of my friend Ben’s company for the weekend. It’s just over a year since we caught up in London, and we’ve had to make do with online silliness (*) in the interim. Looking back through old blog posts it seems that we only see each other in the period mid-October to mid-December so I guess I’m his autumnal entertainment between concert engagements.

I took Munson with me for the three hour round-trip to the airport while Gustav baked up a storm of chocolate-dipped treats at home. Ben was easily able to spot us at Blagnac as I was the one tethered to a giant dog doing a giant poo in the middle of the airport bus terminal. Sigh.

Around dinner and quite a lot of wine, we split time at the piano, with the much more able Ben running through everything from a two-hand arrangement of Rachmaninov’s Symphonic Dances, to a rather witty fugue based on Lady GaGa’s Bad Romance. I’ve been collecting piano sheet-music magpie-fashion since I was at college, so I love to pull out a few obscure original scores or transcriptions for those with similar broad tastes.

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