Monday, November 07, 2011

Tonight Matthew, I’m going to be Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Is this a chicken?Ben has asked me to make clear that his visit was not just the traditional decadent stretch of music and wine so beloved of minstrels and jongleurs.

There were rustic pleasures to be had, such as wandering around “the middle of nowhere”, greeting cows and chasing chickens around the yard in his gerbil-skin slippers*. So much so that I think he was working off a script for “Withnail and I”.

*Real farmers wear ugg-slippers.

Gustav tries to revive lamb shoulder with laying on of hands  Dishwasher pre-wash cycle

While Ben was walking off his breakfast, I turned my attention to tonight’s lamb roast. Now that I’ve more-or-less mastered the thing, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t subject all guests to it. Munson has only just gotten used to having TWO plates available for licking at the end of each meal, and now having a THIRD for a few days is turning him into the kitchen’s own movable beast.
 Look! THIS is how you lay an egg!Is this one a chicken too?Eeny, meeny, miny, lunch...
After a special cheese-o’clock with wine, and then the roast lamb with more wine – did I mention that you can get a really good 2009/10 Bordeaux for 3-4€ at the supermarket? – it was difficult to spend too much time at the piano without rolling off the bench. I introduced Ben to some Cuban repertoire by Ernesto ‘Malagueña’ Lecuona and his predecessor, the lesser-known Ignacio Cervantes (apparently a student of Alkan!). I remember as a teenager being asked by my grandfather if I could play Malagueña and having to disappoint him by saying that I hadn’t heard of it.

Cuban music lead to us swapping names from the era of Latin-tinged lounge music: Mexican maestro Esquivel, Xavier Cugat, Ronnie Aldrich and finally Enoch Light, source of the tune used as the Mad Men TV theme. Having spent some of my younger years spinning my father’s Peter Nero and Sérgio Mendes LPs, a session like this is like a dose of musical comfort food.

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  1. Kimberly Parker5:24 am

    Munson looks as though he'd really like to eat that roast, not just lick the plates!