Friday, December 02, 2011

Foire d’Hiver

Château de LisseToday’s little expedition was to a Christmas Fair at the Château de Lisse, some forty minutes north past Mézin. It was advertised through one of the English travelling markets and as it turned out, was attended mostly by Anglophones from several departments. It was definitely an older crowd, and as to be expected on a school-day, not a child in sight.

Munson got into a very chatty mood as soon as we passed through the château gates, but that just had the effect of drawing a lot of dog-lovers to talk with us.

The stallholders were a mix of French and expat, a 50/50 split with the odd outlier selling Greek foodstuffs and the like. I can’t say there was much to my tastes in terms of non-food items but the Greek biscuits are great! I was hoping to get lunch but after queuing found that you had to have pre-ordered in order to partake. I haven’t worked out how that fact was communicated to some people beforehand.

There was no knocking the weather however, a healthy 18 C meant I was in a tee shirt. Still all those hardy cold-weather Brits were swathed in layers of winter kit.

Chateau de Lisse  Château de Lisse
In the end we left with odds and ends of foodstuffs and a couple of climbing roses which I thought might be hardy enough to withstand the climate on my terrace. The only things which have survived in the long long planter that runs around its perimeter are some flowering succulent creepers but they’re really too slow-growing to cover it all.
Gustav: pizza predatorHaving missed out on lunch we skipped on to Condom and tried out a pizza restaurant that I’ve been walking past for a year. After I ran through all the options with Gustav, he decided that the “kebab” pizza had his name written all over it – much moreso than the salmon+dill “Nordic”. I went for a “Souest” which was ham, cheese and prunes – what an Aussie would recognise as “devils on horseback” on a pizza.

5pm post-vines

Munson at sunset (1)By the time we got home Gustav was ready to go into a pizza coma, so I took Munson out for a short run as I surveyed the fields now that the bonfire remains have been interred.

When we left this morning the front-loader had severed the farm’s water supply while digging one of the holes. My espresso machine runs off an internal reservoir rather than being plumbed in, so the day was not lost. However there was no chance of a shower to deal with my very bad hair day so I donned a hiking bandanna for the excursion to the fair. Without needing such accoutrements, Munson looked particularly photogenic in the late afternoon light. And yes, the water had been fixed by the time were home.

Munson at sunset (2)  Munson at sunset (3)Munson at sunset (4)  bad hair, good dog