Friday, December 02, 2011

I’m a 1337 blogger

This is the 1337th post on El Loco & El Lobo. The number has no significance to most, but for the non-geeks who haven’t pressed next, delete, called for nurse, or pulled their computer’s power cord out of the wall to stop a technical thought from infecting their brain… 1337 is a hacker term spelling “leet”, or “elite”.

I probably wouldn’t have called this out except that Brent is terrified that this might turn into a cooking blog, so I thought I’d push this one out to sea and see if it floats. Plus it’s always fun seeing what Google’s algorithms make of my blog content when throwing up related AdWords. When it gives up it just seems to put up random dating banner ads – or maybe that’s because you gentle readers are clicking on those more than SuperHoundChowNow or whatever other canine ads are conjured up.

So that’s 1337 posts in roughly 6.5 years or just over 200 posts per year, 17 per month, 0.56 per day.

That is all.

B4ck 70 w0rk!


  1. Now I would have been REALLY impressed if you had posted this 1 hour and 32 mins. earlier!!

  2. I get ads for Aussie. There is no escape...


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