Wednesday, December 21, 2011


So, after a couple of days of bizarre email exchanges with Amazon support and a twenty minute Skype call to Amazon US support (who couldn’t look at orders from the French site), and confirmation that I had in fact found a bug in their Return Centre pages, I was not holding out on any resolution before the new year.

I discussed a couple of the issues I had with it with Jean and she said “oh you need to get the man-hands version”. I agreed – I don’t need any more technology which requires tiny fingers to manipulate the buttons. 

Count me surprised when last night I got a call from Matthias at Amazon France to clear everything up. He very kindly emailed me some prepaid return mailing labels to work around the site bug and I got everything dispatched today. Thank you Matthias!

I’ll revisit the issue of getting a different device in 2012. My reasons for wanting one haven’t changed, but the standard Kindle doesn’t address my needs. Maybe the Touch model will suffice (my reservations about the poor search facilities notwithstanding), or maybe I need to wait another generation.

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