Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tails of the Unexpected

Munson & Griff (4)When I arose this morning and half sleepwalked into the kitchen to turn on the espresso machine, I didn’t expect to find Munson on the sofa, curled up next to Griff the kitten. They weren’t even just napping: Munson was intermittently grooming Griff, chattering his nearly clenched teeth up and down his spine and legs the same way he does to his own limbs, and licking the back of Griff’s head. Very convenient for Griff that would be, having a giant groomer there to handle all the bits you can’t reach.

Munson & Griff (1)
I wish I had better photos and video of this, but unless there is a strong ambient light, trying to photograph Munson’s white mask with Griff’s inky melt-into-the-darkness black at the same time in the pre-dawn hours is not easy. Me being in a state of pre-coffee consciousness doesn’t help.

Munson & Griff (2)  Munson & Griff (3)

Griff warns Munson off if he tries to sniff or lick his underside too intrusively, yet otherwise he’s completely comfortable being beside a creature outweighing him fifty times over. There was even one point when Munson’s head was lying over half of Griff’s body. I thought the kitten would get suffocated, but he seemed happy under there for a few minutes.

It’s only 7 months since Munson was enrolled in Kittens 101, but I’m prepared to give him advanced credit after this morning. Can’t wait to see where this goes next.
Munson & Griff morning nap


  1. I'm completely jealous. All Callie wants to do to Bertie is bite his head off. If only we could get them to do this...

  2. Griff came back in half an hour ago and was lying between Munson's paws on the sofa.