Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Day-trip to Toulouse

2012-01-04 Munson in Toulouse

Gustav is having R&R in Sweden for a couple of weeks. I’ve dropped him off at Blagnac airport and continued into Toulouse on some shopping errands. I get the inevitable IKEA journey out of the way quickly but just as inevitably I was stuck at the cashier behind someone who has bought a zillion items (my guess was for a wedding reception) and only after they’ve all been scanned, discovered that she can’t find her card or cheque book.

Errand #2 was a bust as the shop I wanted to visit was closed for lunch and when I returned an hour later, they'd closed up early for the day and drawn the shutters. My final errand was to look for some knitting wool as I’ve decided to take up my needles again. I tried a couple of specialist stores but found – as I’d suspected from my online investigations – that the range of yarns in France was not a patch on what one could get in the UK, or better still in Australia. At least I got a tangible confirmation of what was available and that it was cost effective to order some from England or the States. There was a confusing moment when I thought the store manager was asking me if I was a model (for knitwear), and it wasn’t till a few minutes later that I realised he was asking if I had a model i.e. a pattern.

Munson had a lovely time out, sniffing every kerb and proffered hand as we circled the inner city. While queuing to order some take-away lunch, he got his own queue of courters. As happens so many times in city squares,  ladies with long red-lacquered nails scratched the bridge of his nose and behind his ears. When we withdrew to a bench for me to have my lunch, I was often urged to give Munson a bite, and when I did give him some scraps at the end a smiling woman publicly congratulated his delicate handling of the morsels and deconstructed the scene for the benefit of her husband.

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