Saturday, January 21, 2012

Legend and the overfriend

Munson & LegendI haven’t given a size update on young Legend since September, when he was about chin-height to Munson. At nine months he’s grown just a wee bit more – he’s slightly taller than Munson, and gangly as all get out. Being much your out-in-the-fields hanging-out-with-the-livestock or watching the driveway for visitors sort of dog he’s not the relentless seeker of human company that Munson is. One of the pictures below shows the typical contrast – Munson looks you in the eye, inviting interaction, whereas Legend tends to look away, dropping his head to avoid a direct gaze.

But they do play so well together.

Munson, Legend - video grabs
Munson still his little-stick schtick for luring playmates; it works for tiny dogs and big dogs all.

Legend, Munson, Gustav  Legend bows to Munson

frog in lavenderAfter the play session was done, I was walking back inside when I stopped to check how some of my pots of lavender were doing. I spotted a small green resident deep in the foliage of one of them.

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