Thursday, January 12, 2012

Oven U is easy

Vibiemme Domobar cleaning (1)  Vibiemme Domobar cleaning (2)

On cold days hovering around an active stove seems to be the best way to keep warm. The farm has been wreathed in fog for a few days and that has pulled the ambient temperature down by at least 4-5 degrees. The world ends about 100 metres away, and at its chilliest seems to end around my ankles.

I’ve been having on-again off-again problems with the espresso machine (insufficient pressure in the brew cycle) and ordered some special decalcifying solution to see if that would do more than the citric acid I’ve employed on earlier occasions. For a high-end home machine like this, you can’t use vinegar or one of the small appliance detartrants; at the very least you don’t want unwelcome tastes lingering in the boiler or one of the many steam or hot water outlets.

This is at least a half-day effort, following several pages of typed instructions, connecting and reconnecting power, filling and flushing different subsystems. If that fails to achieve a restoration of caffeine supply, then the nearest qualified service centre is in Avignon i.e. not on my doorstep.

Lockout - Griff & MunsonDuring the rest periods I knocked out a couple of loaves of biscotti and made a fry-up of cabbage, carrot and onion flavoured with caraway seeds to bed down the shredded leftovers of my pork shoulder roast.

I have no animal reports today – all were locked out so I could deal with the machine’s innards safely. Some took that better than others.


  1. We had to stop using our espresso machine. The tube that takes water from the tank to the pump failed and I have not been able to locate a replacement for it. It's of a unique size that was only made on one Tuesday in history and will never be made again. Such a waste!

  2. Surely there are other Franklin Mint collectors with one from this firing day?


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