Monday, February 20, 2012

A Dickens of a time

snow nose 2012

I visited my friendly doctor this morning to get an official diagnosis of my most recent digital complaint – what I’ve variously construed as yarn allergy and gout. His analysis was engelures or as readers of Charles Dickens would have it: chilblains. With this recent cold snap, he said there’s been a lot of it about. I was rather relieved that it wasn’t a dietary issue and that lamb shoulder roasts and cauliflower soup weren’t going to be excised from the menu.

Household Words by Charles Dickens Vol XXVIII

The cold has also made Munson’s snow nose more pronounced but there’s nothing to worry about there unless Santa commandeers him for sleigh-pulling duties.


  1. Kimberly Parker6:34 am

    My favorite part is the little black "mustache" beneath the snow nose. My Juneau looks like he has a dapper little mustache himself! Give Munson a hug from me!

  2. This picture of Munson reminds me of Rufus. Get well soon. It's hot here (finally)!