Sunday, February 12, 2012

Heat sink

weatherspark's week
heat sink: taking the plungeI’ve been in colder climates, but not as cold for so long as this chilly winter rolls on. The thermometer edges about 0C on occasion, but is not predicted to start retracing normal weather patterns for a few more days.

One of the more popular chores around the house this week has been dish-washing. The chance to plunge your hands into warm water for ten minutes is irresistible. The urge to stand in front of the oven has similarly driven an up-tick in pizza consumption, and baking. I’ve produced several loaves each of banana and zucchini bread – half of one of the latter mysteriously disappearing from the bench when Munson was guarding the kitchen.

Parts of the house become off-limits for a lot of the day. Honey and printer ink become vessel-bound solids, and the piano has retuned itself to the Kelvin scale, which is rather disconcerting during the moments when my fingers feel flexible enough to play. Thankfully the espresso machine has been humming along at optimum pressure.

My desktop weather widget is very cheery, footnoting the –9C with “feels like –16”. And then there’s that promise of more snow-showers on Tuesday, just in time to renew the snow-ice remaining outside the door.  Each day I have a small chore of chipping away the mosaic of Munson’s yellow and brown snow off the terrace. I stood on the pond ice a few days ago, hands within reach of a sturdy tree branch in case it didn’t hold.
weather widget steamy
Gustav and I ventured off the farm yesterday for the first time in about 10 days, Munson happy as always to be out in the car.

I wasn’t confident that the car would start for about a week of below -5, and after giving up a morning trip to Auch, the afternoon saw enough of a rise, for me to start it, reverse it into the sun and let it idle for fifteen minutes or so. Once we cleared the last patch of ice on the driveway, the roads were quite clear. With our grocery supplies renewed, I also collected some new base layer clothing for an evening of eXtreme movie watching in front of the fire.
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  1. That last picture looks familiar. Like we're doing the same thing every evening. Man, am I looking forward to the predicted thaw! Although,I must say, hunkering down under woolen covers has it's attraction... just not for so long.