Saturday, February 04, 2012

Knitting for Time Lords

knitted panels complete

I finished off the sleeves for the sweater and joined the shoulder seams for front and back panels. I’d never used the “three needle method” to join seams before – I’d imagined from the terse instruction in the pattern that it would look like some complicated arrangement used to hold back skin flaps in a brain surgery operation, but it turned out to be very a simple and speedy effort – and no blood!

Before connecting up the rest of the seams, I have to knit the collar. When I started picking up the stitches as specified, I realised that, short of some major distortion in the fabric of space-time, I was not going to be able to do this on straight needles. Since no one seems to have written Knitting for Time Lords* – obviously the construction of the Sash of Rassilon is lost in the mists of eternity – I’ve had to order some circular needles in the correct gauge. The knitting goes on hold for a week until they arrive, dammit!

* Making extra long scarfs is really not what I have in mind. To even begin to enter the spirit of non-Euclidean knitting, one would produce a Moebius Scarf or Klein bottle hat. I may have to dust off my undergraduate training to jump into the exciting world of mathematical fibre arts for knerdy knitters who enjoy such efforts as this or this! Who knew that Escher, Mandlebrot and co had so thoroughly infiltrated the world of yarn?

Munson and the snows of yesterday

Yesterday’s snows are vanishing rapidly.

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