Thursday, February 02, 2012

A present from the sky

Munson  & Legend play in snow (3)

A few dots of snow were in evidence before I went to sleep last night, although even by 9am they hadn’t amounted to much. A half hour later, the snow fall picked up and the dogs went out to play.

The Munsoneers were already outside. I wished Otto a happy birthday and he pointed upwards and cried “it’s a present from the sky!”.

Munson  Gustav gets woodMunson  & Legend play in snow (1)  Munson  & Legend play in snow (2)


  1. There is nothing more awesome than Snow Dogs in their natural setting!

  2. Lesley12:39 am

    Riley & Enzo in New Zealand call the game 'BiteyFace' that is being played on photo bottom right. We have adopted it and are spreading the word!
    There is no snow here, (Dordogne)......yet.. but should be -6 deg. tonight. More logs please.

  3. This is so beautiful - can't wait to be there. I'll pass on the snow, though, if you don't mind.

  4. It's so nice to see them enjoying something that is so perfect for our breed! We have had very little snow this year but are suppose to get between 4 and 8 inches on Saturday. We can't wait to go play in it! We hear there is a lot of snow in eastern Europe that is causing lots of problems. We would like them to send it our way!

    Holly & Khady