Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Snowfight at the K9 Corral


Only a faint whisper of snow fell overnight – it’s the temperatures that have continued to fall and hold off the melting. The sun sits behind a translucent panel of high grey cloud while the trio of dogs frolic without a thought of any of this.

P1080182   P1080184Legend of the snows

When I moved to Seattle in the 90s, I found a street sign for nearby N 50th Street in my basement. It’s seeing snow for the first time in many a year. If it sat on the other side of my house it would see the frozen surface of our pond – there’s not enough to support a human, but it has resisted the barrage of stones that Otto has used to test it.


My tiny pond is frozen

Around the middle of the afternoon, the clouds slid away leaving us with brilliant sun across a great marzipanorama of wedding cake whiteness. Subtract 30 degrees and you have almost the same setting as my birthday dogsled ride five years ago.

Otto was out to rebuild the snowman that Legend had eaten, and took our re-appearance  as an invitation to hunt me down with a fist full of snowball …

Snowfight animated gifMunson snowed Munson, Griff & Gustav snow cockerelCandyshop, Munson, Greycute & Legend Munson & GriffP1080206  P1080200

The cats seem to be just as impervious to the snow as the dogs, and given the pawprints across the pond, not averse to ice.

tennis court  paws across the pond  logpile

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