Monday, February 06, 2012

Snow’s up!

Munson & Legend (2)At this time last year we were all out in T-shirt in sandals. At a midday tasting of locally-produced wines, I remember having to find a shady tree for Munson because it was so warm.

P1080116Not so today! More snow than I’ve seen in this region in two winters. Not much by the standards of those who get regular snowfalls, but there’s a good 10cm (4”) outside now.

We were planning to go to this year’s wine-tasting event at 11am, but I’m not even going to attempt to start the car, let alone clear the 600m driveway.
Munson, Tosca & Legend  P1080110 P1080109  Munson & Legend (3)

Munson and Legend have been romping around the compound all morning, and even Tosca has condescended to play with both of them. You know you have big dogs when a slightly overweight golden retriever looks that small.

Munson & Legend (1)

The only real downside is that my aching fingers, which had been immune to the much vaunted healing powers of Lourdes water are really giving me a lot of grief today. I have a suspicion that the joint pain, swelling & rash add up to gout (or pseudo-gout). The only immediate relief I can aim for is from anti-inflammatories like ibuprofin. I’ve heard that cherries are the thing to take, but I’ll observe that this is just not their season. It’ll be some days before I can get to a doctor for confirmation either way. For now I’m staying on inside on my genealogical hunt for northern Pehrs, and I’ve cooked up a batch of ginger-infused pumpkin soup. 

P1080155  Ginger Pumpkin soup


  1. The snow is fun for a short while. I have a feeling that yours will melt before ours does. They're telling us we'll be near -10 by morning. Brrr!

  2. We've had some lovely sunshine today but also have a -10 forecast for the morning....

  3. Gout symptoms usually start in the big toe. I hope you don't have it. I do have it and take a drug called Allopurinol to keep the symptoms at bay. Good luck.

    1. The swelling is going down now, but still a bit of a rash on each of the fingers (which are not consecutive fingers). I hope I can see doctor in time to do an effective diagnosis.

  4. Lesley8:04 pm

    After a while playing, running and walking in the snow our dog develops ice packs between his pads and toes. Does the wonderfully snow loving Munson have probs. in that department?
    Sorry about The Finger. It's always the place that gets used most that gets hurt and so gets knocked/rubbed/redamaged again.

    1. Munson doesn't have a problem with that. I'm the only one with paw issues this week, although to tell the truth it's omnipresent wood splinters that annoy me more usually, I have the two gouty fingers and 4 splintered right now. I have short weekly emo sessions of cutting the splinters out :-)