Monday, February 20, 2012

Soft-wear release

Gustav as knitting model done!

Beginning to end, this sweater took four weeks, although if I had all the right needles, and less terse instructions in the design, I may have polished it off in two. The pattern wasn’t difficult, but it definitely needed de-bugging. I’m not the first person to contact the designer about problems, but even after a year the pattern hasn’t been corrected or otherwise updated. Oh the woes of the softwear industry!

competing for attentionI did learn three new techniques in the course of this project: three-needle bind-offs, short-row shaping, and mattress stitch seaming. I got a bit carried away with the idea of using the three-needle bind-off as a seaming method and wasted a couple of evenings on the shoulders with this method and then unpicking it all when I realised that it was too rigid for these segments. It looked beautiful underneath, but the shoulders became very creased.


Thank you to Tina at Knitwhits/Freia’s Fibers for help with yarn, and Cristi on Ravelry for helping me sort out how to interpret the design instructions (or lack thereof) for the shawl collar.


  1. It looks great. Has anybody tried it on yet?

  2. Thanks Ken! I of course tried it on as soon as I'd put the needles down, but I think Gustav makes a better model for it, and I've updated the post with an extra picture.

  3. Anita3:21 pm

    Very impressed. I started crocheting a jacket about 3 years ago and it's not finished yet. Given that all that's left to do is sew the squares together I think I'm just putting off the boring bits.


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