Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Sparkling Birthday

Eight again!My birthday dinner plans were put on hold this evening when Jean announced a big beef stew was in the works. The after-sparkles were not pre-announced.

I’ve had a gorgeous day inside and out – the morning’s ice-room grey going to afternoon blue and then a mauve twilight lit by the full moon, the Pyrenees decorating the horizon.

Thank you to for all the warm wishes and thoughtful gifts. I must call out Lucy’s special effort with her handmade garden of plasticine flowers, with quite detailed accompanying meal of plasticine fruits, gelato, hotdog and hamburger.

..and now back to reading one of Gustav’s gifts: The Etymologicon .

twilight full moon

Play session number three for the day saw Munson and Legend no less engaged in the battle for toys and sticks.

Munson & Legend twilight play

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  1. Didn't know it was a special day (but these days, aren't they all?). Happy birthday, Mike!