Monday, March 05, 2012



We had running blackouts throughout the day, the eighth and longest took us through most of our Sunday evening. We’d started sorting out dinner just before the final power loss but ended up standing by the stove eating leftover chili con carne from the pan by torchlight.

IMG_3020There’s no shortage of non-electrical pursuits available, but we weren’t exactly flush for candles. I tried playing the piano by candlelight, giving up when too much motion made the candle flame flicker too much to read by. I did find that the wide-beam LED torch I magnetically attach to my fireplace when I’m cleaning out the ashes was quite good for reading by.

Gustav drowned his sorrows in a packet of crisps in front of the fireplace. Apparently you can’t play I-Spy in the dark – especially with someone terrified of spiders. Munson wasn’t fazed by any of it but we had to make sure he wasn’t lying anywhere we’d trip over since he tends to follow you around the house like a furry aura.

Blackouts are quite frequent out here, and I have to think about battery backups for radio and alarms as a matter of course. I’m quite surprised that many appliances do not fall back to battery stand-by when power is lost. Apparently when the power cord is attached on such devices, battery usage is inhibited.

I think I’ll check out hurricane lamps at the hardware store for future down-times.

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