Thursday, March 08, 2012

Local production

cheese and wine fest

We took Vance to the weekly market in Condom today where he was keen to buy up on cheeses, paté de foie gras, wines and armagnac. The armagnac purchase was split between a bottle of aged spirit, produced only about 5 minutes away from our farm, and some floc. Floc de Gascogne is a sweet fortified produced from armagnac and grape juice – all coming from a single vineyard.

We intended to lunch at the Lavardens Watchtower pub, but it turned out to be closed for the winter season. Turning back towards home, we stopped at a restaurant in Castéra Verduzan, a small spa town which I’ve driven through many times but never exited the vehicle. The restaurant was quite pleasant, allowing us to introduce Vance to confit of duck, and to armagnac-laced crêpes. All very French, except for the incongruity of  Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger, Blondie and other 80s Americana blaring from the kitchen.

migrating birds (1) migrating birds (2)

Our returned to the farm was marked with the passing overhead of waves of migrating birds, and a large number of new cattle.

day old calf

Two Cows Drinking - why do you askAll these Salers heifers and mother cows are the last big injection to the existing herd. A day-old calf, the first of a number of imminent additions can be seen on the right above.

Look at the horns on those mothers!
local colour

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