Friday, March 16, 2012

Oh the springtime it brings on the swimming

2012-03-15 15.54.33 Stitch

Gustav made the suggestion that we should take a walk around the lake at Lupiac. As one drives down the hill towards the lake, there lies a large farmhouse which has been for sale as long as I’ve been visiting here. I wondered why a place in such a spectacular location has gone unloved and unlived-in for so long, although perhaps the million+ euros needed to buy it may explain.

A few people are already sunning themselves on the sands of the swimming beach, and more still are fishing further along its banks.

Munson’s had his first non-pond dip of the season, which gives him excuse to tear around like a mad thing. It takes about forty minutes to amble around and enjoy the range of scenery, giving Munson many opportunities to sample the water.

2012-03-15 15.49.45

Munson x 3 webs and nests
There are no signs yet of the frog spawn in the water although the trees are full of bird, spider and insect creations that I can’t identify.

2012-03-15 15.50.07

This post’s title is a reference to the old Australian song Oh! The Springtime it brings on the shearing. That song is also apt for this time of year as Munson blows the wool out of his undercoat in quantities that defy calculation. Today’s swim will loosen the wool further for another round of spontaneous de-fleecing.


  1. Lesley7:27 pm

    Funny how a million + Euro property is advertized with such awful photos, as if they don't want you see it's best side.

    1. You're not the first to comment on that. The photos used for a lot of real estate here are truly atrocious.