Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rífa: gardening tool of the gods

Gustav wields MjölnirI don’t recall mentions of Asgard having a garden from where the ingredients of mead were cultivated or other Viking delicacies bound for the tables of Valhalla, but I’m sure their garden forks had some spellbinding Scandinavian name. In modern times, it seems they’ve concentrated mainly on garden sheds.

Thor’s hammer Mjölnir derives from the word for crushing or pulverising; otherwise a hammer in Scandiwegic tongues is still a hammer, or a hammaren. A fork is a gaffel which is just not poetic enough – we need it to be a tearer up of weeds. That might make it Riva or in Old Norse: Rífa.
IMG_0550Less melodramatically, the first blossom on my terrace apricot tree appeared today. On closer inspection, it already seems to be wrapped in threads of gossamer malamute hair.

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