Monday, March 05, 2012

Vance warning

2012-03-06 Vance & Munson

It’s only taken 20 months, but at last we have an Australian visitor to chez nous. I’ve known Vance since I worked for him back in the early 90s and have become part of his and partner Même’s extended family at many gatherings. It was through him that I met Brent a few months later, and so this whole farm situation in France can be traced back to him in one way.

This is the fourth country that one of us has hosted the other at – Vance remarked how I’ve duplicated the atmosphere of my home back in Sydney in this new environment. Back in Sydney I didn’t have the space to use my chaise longue (it stood upright in a cupboard for years), so I didn’t learn how convenient it is for Munson to approach a vulnerable guest caught in this comfort trap. The last time Munson saw Vance at my home, he was getting pizza crusts slid under the table -  a Malamute never forgets food.

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