Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Borsalino: an adventure for locos and lobos

I had a dream in which the music for the 1970 French-Italian gangster film Borsalino was sitting open on my piano. I don’t know what current in my dreaming mind tossed this up as I haven’t heard the tune for years – in fact since it appeared on the radio on the first day of my European circumnavigation with Bondi in 2007.

BorsalinoI remember watching it on TV with my father back in the 70s but it’s never appeared on DVD with subtitles (unlike its sequel Borsalino & Co). The 1930s setting of two handsome well-dressed cons accompanied by ragtime theme music was surely an inspiration for The Sting which appeared three years later.

Although I didn’t see The Sting until about ten years after its release ( no cinemas in my part of rural Australia ), the ubiquitous Scott Joplin music of the mid 70s was another impetus for me to get piano lessons at the time. I’ve never lost my affection for that genre and so when I woke from my dream, I didn’t waste much time in locating the sheet music of the Borsalino title track by French jazz pianist Claude Bolling.

It hadn’t occurred to me that there might be lyrics, but I was quite amused by Pierre Delanoë’s opening lines as rendered below.


L'aventure / c'est pour les loups / c'est pas pour toi / Ça n'est pas pour nous

C'est pour les fous / Qui n'ont de goût / Que pour la peur au ventre / Et qui se foutent de tout

or, pardoning my French:

Adventure is for the wolves. It’s not for you. It’s not for us
It’s for madmen who only have taste for fear in their belly, and care not for anything

More pointedly, in Spanish it’s all about the locos and the lobos.



  1. I think that's "who only have a taste for fear in their belly." Or something like that.

    I'm not sure I've ever seen the movie, but I've always heard of it. And I didn't know it was the likely inspiration for "The Sting."

  2. Thank you for that. I struggled over that phrase between making it literal and making sense.
    I'll correct it above from my "who have no taste..."

  3. I would love to explore Borsalino :)Thanks!
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