Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fish spotting

2012-04-09 16.15.00 carp
There have been too many days of false fish alerts in the pond – all suspiciously like a Loch Ness effort to drive up local pond tourism. So I hang out at the sunny end with camera in hand to spot the wily carpalupaguses. Days of wind and rain have shaken out so many leaves and twigs from the overhanging trees that it’s like playing aquatic Where’s Waldo? More often than not any creature I spot under water is part of the flourishing population of frogs and frogs-in-waiting.

At last I spot a large pair of carp drifting backwards in the sunlit shallows. I’ve christened one Twyla, and invite suggestions for naming the other(s). Since my Swedish ancestors in Australia ran a very successful chain of upmarket seafood restaurants, I’m going to explore carp recipes as well.


  1. Anita1:49 pm

    I'm told by fishermen in the know that carp are not good eating fish. Having never tasted one I can't comment on that...but I'm not that keen on fish anyway.
    I'm surprised there aren't more of them in your pond. In the river near where I grew up they have taken over and all but destroyed any native fish that were in there.

  2. Lesley5:22 pm

    If it's the smaller one that needs a name how about Kay ? (after Patricia Cornwell's heroine Kay Scarpetta).
    Now belated Birthday wishes to Gustaf.

  3. Lesley9:27 pm

    So sorry. Gustav!!!!