Friday, April 06, 2012

Lilacs and tadpoles

tadpoles & lilacs

The Sargasso pond at the rear of the farm is teeming with tadpoles, or as the French say les têtards - a mass of little heads (têtes) swimming about. As we waded around in our wellies,  Gustav recovered an ex-crayfish – bringing to mind the lobster-sized ones I used to see in the storm water drains around my town as a kid. During rainy periods those drains were well-populated with large carp which have been seen here recently. It seems I’m the only person who hasn’t seen any in our villa-side pond, despite the hours I’ve stood in it to extract tree trunks and rebuild the banks. Everyone else has to just glance at it and they report a few large carp – or in Otto’s case, a “manta-ray”!

Neighbour's cows reflected in the Sargasso pond
Gustav and the lilacsThe most notable efflorescence of spring has been the flowers and pollen. My hayfever arrived promptly on the first of the month, a cruel poisson d’Avril in lieu of any carp sightings. Luckily I got the year’s first lawn mowing out of the way during the preceding two days, not just ahead of spring growth, but a forecast week of rain.

I’ll be restricting my time outside for a while, especially morning and evening when pollen levels are highest. Thankfully my little air-purifier still works well to alleviate the symptoms.


  1. Sorry to hear the allergies have kicked in. Not here yet — I'm holding my breath, as it were.

  2. Nice photo of the lake, but it is upside down.

  3. intentionally :-P