Saturday, April 28, 2012

The passing of Legend

Legend & Munson - last photo together

We had some sad news today that Munson’s great buddy Legend was found dead this morning. It seems that he encountered some sharp object that punctured his abdomen. He sometimes goes off by himself for a while, although he generally senses when Munson is available for play and comes bounding out of nowhere to run and wrestle as long as they have time and energy.

Munson looked for him a couple of times yesterday, and it’s possible that he found Legend as early as midday in the back of the hay barn. Munson had run in there after we returned from the market, but I called him out so that he wouldn’t disturb the one cow being kept in an adjoining stall.

Legend was a few weeks past his first birthday and was such a fantastic play companion for Munson from the time he arrived last June. He’d often sit across the yard in such a way as to have direct line of sight to where Munson was sitting on our terrace. During a brief respite from the rain two days ago, I took them out into one of the fields for a good run while I whacked a few thistles about. They romped and sniffed around, rarely more than a body length to separate them.

Pyreneans – or patous as they’re known locally – are not “people” dogs, but boy was Legend a dog’s dog!  Tosca and Munson have each lost a huge part of their world now that he’s gone. This is the third companion that Munson has lost in as many years, not counting being removed from his park playmates in Sydney: Scout, Buddy, Tilly, Bob, Wilma …

Legend’s scent will linger in the yard as an extra reminder for Munson; maybe it is best that there is more rain to dull that memory trace, to wash away an absence that cannot be explained.
Legend collage


  1. Beautifully written, Mike.
    My heart goes out to you all.

  2. On no I'm sorry to hear that! We were there when Legend came home for the firt time. The kids must be distraught :-(

  3. Lesley1:23 am

    What a shock. How awful to lose such a young dog in his early prime.
    Our thoughts are with you all.

  4. I'm so sorry for your loss. Such a shame, such a shame.

  5. Thank you each and every one for your thoughts. I had a bad feeling about his absence when he was still not seen yesterday evening.

    I just rewatched the video of Legend and Munson playing together for the first time - or at least Munson teaching Legend how to play with another big dog. It's of some consolation to think about all the great times they had together. Only last week I watched as one would look for a stick to use as the bait for a chasing game, and then off they'd go!

  6. We just went numb reading this -

    We so enjoyed watching him grow - almost overnight -

    Please pass along our condolences to his humans - especially his human puppies -

  7. Kimberly Parker1:29 pm

    Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that. I've enjoyed your posts about Legend and Munson. Please pass along my condolences to Legend's humans and give Munson a hug too!

  8. Sad news indeed. He was a beautiful dog.

  9. A tragedy! Regards Hugh


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