Friday, April 27, 2012

The rain demain is mainly the same

 2012-04-19 2012-04-27

Standing on the terrace has become like looking over the bow of a ship – water, water everywhere. The sun flashes through occasionally – usually for no longer than it takes to reach the window and look for some clear sky.

On your left, Exhibit A – the weather forecast just over a week ago; and then Exhibit B - today’s forecast.

Up until a few days ago, I would have said that the best thing about the rain was that it kept my hayfever at bay. Since then, the pollen has pushed through so now the entire household is sniffling and sneezing – and for me, somewhat drowsy as that’s what hayfever does to my system. Gustav now knows that he needs to head much further south from Sweden to find spring weather this year. I just hope that it settles down before we drive Malmö-wards in three weeks.


  1. Sunny & 17 C in Skåne today! Into the 20s next week. Maybe you should think about heading north now instead of waiting 3 weeks. Hugh

  2. Arpil has done it to us this year. We got spoiled with last year's summery spring. But, we really need the rain up here, so I can't complain too loudly. Here's hoping May gets sunny and a bit drier!

  3. Too bad we won't be here three weeks from now, otherwise you could stop by. We get back May 20.

    1. Thank you for the offer Ken! We're planning to stop over somewhere like Beaune/Dijon on the way north this time, but have yet to make plans for the southbound journey in June.