Saturday, May 12, 2012

Are we there yet?

Munson waits

Our road-trip to Sweden begins Monday morning. My electronic bridge-pass for crossing Danish waters has just arrived and I’ve taken that as a cue to start packing the car with all the human and canine needs for a multi-week journey.

With the car out in the yard, Munson knows something is afoot and once inside proves very difficult to extract. Open a rear door and he jumps into the front seat, open the front and he jumps back. Even if I leave a door open and walk away, he’ll stay there happily waiting a breeze across his face and the smell of the open road.


  1. Khyra wishes you could swing by and let her ride along!

    She loves roadtrips - our 2503 miles in November of 2010 were a blast!

    AND she got to meet her Iowa Hunk Of Malamute Summit!

  2. Anonymous11:50 pm

    What a familiar sight, mine always did that too just to be sure that they would not be left behind. :)
    Have a safe trip and welcome to Sweden, the raining has finally stopped so I hope the sun will stay for a bit now.