Sunday, May 06, 2012

Back on the rain gang

paw-print tattoo cardiganOur month of rain, now broken by sunshine but reluctant to properly move off stage, allowed me the chance to turn out another knitted garment. It’s kept my fingers productively busy even during sub-titled movies as we escaped the outdoor gloom.

The work drew on an old cardigan pattern and a bag of grey wool which have been sitting in my knitting bag for so long they’ve undoubted move house across three continents with me without ever seeing light of day.

I ignored the Fair Isle stitch in the pattern, instead imposing my own design: the BONDI lettered paw-print I used in my shoulder tattoo a few years ago, and some contrasting arm bands. The result is akin to a soft doggy letter jacket, and thus a small tribute to Bondi, who passed away three years ago today. That I completed the cardigan (minus a few buttons) on this day was not intended. I’d ordered some other wool for a completely different project and that got lost in the mail. While I waited for a replacement batch, I pulled this project together.

There are a few mistakes in the design and execution which I record here for future efforts. Firstly I didn’t allow for the knit stitches not being perfectly square, so the grid used to create the paw-print was distorted in one dimension when transferred to the needles. I also didn’t allow for the small difference in wool gauge between the grey and contrasting chocolate brown. That’s fine for the arm bands, but the button band in brown ( a tedious rib on 238 stitches) ended up being 5-10% longer than the corresponding grey. I “fixed” that by slightly stretching the latter band when seaming it in. An adjustment that did work well was dropping the needle gauge for the waistband and first two dozen rows of the front and back panels. That gives a more fitted look rather than hanging loose.

Finally a couple of pictures of Bondi, taken during our European odyssey five years ago. On the left we have a picture taken by a seaside fort where Bondi swam in Dubrovnik, Croatia. That city is being used to stand in for King’s Landing in the second season of Game of Thrones and this spot was used in one scene.

Bondi in Dubrovnik April 2007  Bondi in Tallinn May 5 2007
The picture on the right was taken exactly five years ago in Tallinn, Estonia. Bondi became a greatly loved fixture of the hotel foyer during our brief stay.

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  1. Lesley5:22 pm

    I knew that the tattoo was not a stylized tank when first seen on previous post, but was too polite to comment. I then 'saw' the paw print and am so pleased that you have now shown off your smashing cardigan with unique design.
    May must be a bad month for dogs. Bondi 3yrs ago, Digby, a Polish sheepdog, 2yrs ago and his brother Wilf on his last legs now.
    Have good Hols.