Thursday, May 17, 2012

Roadtrip to Sweden: Rudkøbing to Malmö

Munson & KingA morning after their rapid introduction, Munson and King were still good buddies, and even indulged in a bit of gentle indoor play.
2012-05-17 09.17.03
Our chances of sightseeing on this pretty, remote island were restricted by weather (windy), timing (public holiday) and schedule (things to get done at out destination). Road-weariness, a cold and seasonal allergies don’t really help either.

I’ve seen a lot more of the Danish countryside since leaving the highway at Odense yesterday: it’s essentially a flatter, more recently-painted version of the French countryside around the farm. And yes, there are wind-farms everywhere.

2012-05-17 08.23.40_stitch
On the way out we had a short drive around the island’s capital Rudkøbing, which at 4700 people is probably never bustling and is especially quiet this Ascension Day holiday. I’m reminded a little of Ängelholm with the water approach of painted façades suggesting a flattened version of Cobh in Ireland. The bridge scene above the marina here is the one connecting the island to the “mainland”, which is the smaller island of Tåsinge which we passed over quickly from the bigger central island of Funen.

2012-05-17 09.40.26

From Rudkobing, it’s two hours to Copenhagen, and then another forty minutes to the centre of Malmö.

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