Monday, May 28, 2012

SWEDEN: Djurgården, a corner of a larger field

this is a corner of a larger field

Close to the commercial centre of Stockholm is the island game park Djurgården which includes the open air museum Skansen, an amusement park, and several regular museums like the one for the Swedish ship Vasa, which I enjoyed so much on my first visit to this city.

Looking west from the bridge to Djurgården (1)

Yesterday’s wanderings and well-lubricated boating left us just wanting a slower, even more unstructured day. After collecting coffee and breakfast pastries in Östermalm we had a short walk to the bridge connecting Djurgården. The day was warming up quickly so we endeavoured to keep in the shade. We couldn’t enter Skansen with Munson so continued around its periphery to watch senseless power boat owners tearing up the narrow waterway without much regard to noise or the wash they created amongst the duck-filled reeds.

Somewhat perversely, perhaps in reaction to the crowds and noise, I felt that the walk was more pleasant on that wintry day in 2007 when I walked around this shore to see the statue of Jenny Lind rising above the ice lacing the stones by the water.
Waterside cafe

The island was as busy as you can imagine on a warm Sunday and we eventually took refuge in cold drinks at the waterside cafe by the entry bridge. Behind me in the queue at the bar was an alarmingly overdressed goth type in a black overcoat overlaid with a white skeleton design. He didn’t seem the type to be amused by a suggestion that Munson get that bone so I left that alone.

We took a different route back to Östermalm and then continued toward the modern centre, finding a Thai cafe for lunch. After some random browsing in stores we found ourselves on Drottninggatan (Queen Street) the central pedestrian street, as full of the usual high street brands as it is of personality.

reach baby reach Stockholm centre

By mid afternoon we were pretty spent and caught the T-bana back to the apartment. Gustav’s aunt Geta – our gracious but hitherto absent hostess - joined us for tea and cake. Munson was as restrained as a malamute can be in such circumstances with a new heart to win and a new promise of table crumbs.

Gerta and Munson

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