Thursday, May 31, 2012

SWEDEN: an extended fika

Munson outAfter all the driving and other activities of the last two weeks, we’re just hanging loose in Bjärehalvön* for a few days. I’ve put my car in for some servicing as local mechanics seem to have more parts in stock/accessible than in France. I’d do almost anything to avoid a repeat of last year’s eight week car-repair.

I’m plotting out some options for the return journey, starting somewhere between 2-5th June. I’m open to any interesting suggestions around the axis between Amsterdam and Frankfurt, bearing in mind that I’ve already had stop-overs in Cologne, Essen and Bielefeld.

*Bjärehalvön is the pensinsula (halvön – half island) between Ängelholm and Bastad.


  1. One suggestion is to follow the Mosel from Koblenz to Trier. I did that in reverse on my cycle-Europe trip 24 years ago. I remember it was particularly beautiful.

  2. I looked at Koblenz as an option but accommodation near there was quite expensive. It might just be bad timing - on June 1 a lot of rates jumped up, including Danish ferry prices nearly doubling on previous weeks'rates.

  3. Hi! We just found your blog and really like it! We live in Stockholm and have an alaskan malamute too! Hope you have a great time here! :)


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