Saturday, May 19, 2012

SWEDEN: Lund ho!

P1080844We had a few errands to run in Lund (twenty minutes away from Malmö) so tied these in with getting me a haircut and sharing a sunny outdoor lunch. While most of continental Europe seems to be still consumed by the rain that thrashed the car during the journey north, it’s very warm in these Scandinavian climes.

Malmö is almost exactly the same latitude as Edinburgh. There’s not much to compare with in North America as its most northerly large city is Edmonton, which is 2 degrees south of Malmö’s 55.6N. As Hugh says, thank goodness for the Gulf Stream or no one would be living here!

Consider that we’re at the bottom of Sweden, and that the top border is more northerly compared to Malmö than Malmö is compared to our home in southern France. Kiruna, site of the Ice Hotel is 67.85N. Some of the other guests for the Hughlympics have come from Luleå way up at the top of the Gulf of Bothnia running between Sweden and Finland, not far shy of the Arctic Circle.
As you can see above, Munson caught the eye of at least one young fashionista in a svelte* Svensk one-piece. On the other hand, Munson had absolutely nothing to say when I emerged shorn from a salon. Well if you can’t wooo anything nice…

*the Swedish word for svelte is slank, from which we get other fashion icons like the slanket. Unfortunately there is no formal slanket that I could wear to Hugh’s quinquagenary event tomorrow.
Munson on the bus
We were back at Hugh’s for dinner and so another bus-ride or two for Munson. On one journey the back seats were already full up, so he tucked himself in under our feet.
2012-05-18 23.04.46
Just before we reached our Riberborg apartment I looked seawards to see that the Turning Torso appeared to be ejecting a stream of gas, of course just an illuminated cloud over the Oresund strait. I was going to return to street level with a better camera but forgot about it in the melee of organising a late meal for Munson.

The last thing I remember of this day was trying to teach Gustav some tongue-twisters: while he braved She sells seashells by the seashore and the sixth shiekh’s sixth sheep’s sick, he could only offer me ridiculously easy fare like:

Sju sjösjuka sjömän sköttes av sju sköna sjuksköterskor.
Seven seasick seamen were cared for by seven beautiful nurses.

We got onto the subject of tongue-twisters due to a dinner time discussion about learning Swedish. I’d downloaded a few sample language learning apps onto my phone and everyone was highly amused that the first word or phrase provided by one of these apps was elektrisk riskokare = electric rice cooker. 

 Electric ricecooker (1)

It might be useful for setting the stomachs of seven seasick seamen, but elektrisk riskokare has not proved so useful in my daily exchanges on the street.

What sort of dog is that? He’s an elektrisk riskokare. Look at how fluffy that rice is!

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