Monday, May 21, 2012

SWEDEN: Malmö afternoon

Malmö Form Design Center- New Swedish glassAfter last night’s celebrations we were a little slower moving this Sunday morning. Eventually we found our way into Malmö centrum for some coffee at Lilla’s and some more wandering around the city, including the Form Design Center which gets a look over each time I’m here.
Lilla Coffee Roaster  Gustav caffeinated
Gustav Adolf Torget fountains (2)One of the central squares is Gustav Adolf Torg which has a series of circular fountains along its eastern side. They’re identical in design except the base height rises in each as you head south. Munson often jumps into one of these for a drink but today we allowed him mad moments in each fountain to scrabble some coolness as the temperature climbed.

Gustav Adolf Torget fountains (1)
Muson's Bundaberg Ginger BeerWe stopped into a British store and found some (Australian) Bundaberg ginger beers in the drinks freezer. Gustav has never had ginger beer and Munson was born not too far from Bundaberg so it was a happy introduction for all as we trekked into one of the food quarters looking for lunch.

It took some time to find food – it’s rare to find a Malmö cafe/restaurant that allows dogs even in the outdoor seating areas in public squares. Eventually we found a Thai take-away and went to a park to enjoy our lunch.
Malmö canals and street art
Eventually we looped back northwards to Hugh’s apartment following one of the wide canals that surround the central area. These were all quite busy with pedal boats, kayakers and ducks. I was tempted to allow Munson in for a proper swim but he’d never dry in time before we reached Hugh’s.
Coffee at Hugh'sMalmö
We flaked out for a few hours, the previous night’s champagne and today’s heat had taken their toll on everyone. Eventually everyone recovered enough to venture out to find dinner.

Along the way to our eventual outdoor pub meal we passed Sankt Pauli (Saint Paul) church. My ancestor’s parish records in Malmö have all been associated with Malmö Caroli, Sankt Petri and Sankt Pauli. If they moved address then the records would indicate a transfer to a new parish. Surprisingly these churches are all within a matter of a few minutes’ walk from each other, so the congregations at the time must have been really busy to force locals to transfer to a completely new church.

Sankt Pauli

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