Thursday, June 28, 2012

Des glaçons de bouillon de boeuf

beef stock ice cubesWhen my desktop weather gauge gives a local temperature it’s usually understating it by a bit as it’s interpolating between a few weather stations.

Right now it says 36C, but my outdoor thermometer says 40C and it’s not even sitting in direct sun.

It doesn’t take much exposure to convince Munson that he’s better off inside on the cool tiles – if I go outside he doesn’t do much more than poke his head out the door and then retreat.

As a treat for Munson I’ve frozen some of my left over stock from a slow-cooked beef casserole I made two weeks ago. A handful of those keeps him happy for half a day. Malamutes are not the gluttons that barrel-chested breeds like labradors can be – it really doesn’t take much to keep them running, especially if you take care about the quality of their diet.

When Munson’s activity level drops as happens with most dogs in the warmer months, I reduce  his food correspondingly. Most of the time he’s quite happy with the reduced amount, but he will summon me to the kitchen late at night if he’s really hungry. It’s not a privilege that he abuses.

Unless I’m going to swim at the lake there’s nothing particularly exerting I want to do outside right now. Watering the plants is about my limit in this heat so I’ve also cut down my food to essentially a good breakfast of ham, scrambled eggs and ratatouille and then I don’t feel hungry till early evening (not counting the opportunistic grabbing of fresh strawberries or pea-pods on the terrace). At that time a very light meal of cheese & dates or home-made vegetable soup is more than enough.

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  1. Poor Munson! Suka is experiencing the same hot weather as you. It has been in the 100s (Fahrenheit) the past few days, and today was 105 degrees Fahrenheit. No end in sight yet. Hope you are staying cool and your heatwave ends soon. Love your idea of frozen beef stock. I will have to try that for Suka.

    K and Suka