Monday, June 04, 2012

Roadtrip to France: Munson & King

2012-06-03 DenmarkAnd so our time in Sweden has come to an end for now, although no sooner had I departed Bjärehalvon than I had a text message inviting us for coffee in Malmö. That was a very easy invitation to accept since we only had 3-4 hours total on the road today to reach Langeland in Denmark.

2012-06-03 Denmark (2)

There was a high wind up as we crossed the eight kilometres of Öresund Bridge into Denmark, which was fortunately less of an issue when we reached the higher and longer Storebælt bridges an hour or so later.

Julian & King Munson & King
We were greeted at their gate by Julian and King, and both of the dogs went tearing off into the backyard to resume their extremely energetic, breathless acquaintance.

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