Saturday, June 09, 2012

Roadtrip to France: many roads, one home

all roads lead to homeCan I tell you how happy I am to be home after 25 days of bouncing around through seven countries? Yes that thirty minutes in Luxembourg counts! Roughly 6500km, eight beds, five major bridges (all in Denmark, all done twice) and no passport stops. That’s like driving from Sydney to Perth and then back as far as Adelaide, a journey with fewer bridges and as many passport stops.

One special treat when we got home was finding a package with the painting above done by Em in the Limousin, inspired by a photo I took along the side of the farm back in April. As if I don’t feel special enough with all the nice folks I meet and correspond with over the course of this blog – thank you thank you Em! It’s going over the living room mantle-piece now with a proper hanging when I’ve recovered some energy. It seems that I forgot to leave the fridge door open while I was away so I have a shorter but more epic quest ahead of me to scrub out the film noir festival now screening inside.

Munson finds a familiar roost
Meanwhile Munson, who started getting excited as soon we re-entered the Gers early this afternoon has sublimated all this into a series of short naps in all of his favourite places around the house. Before we got home I made a stop at the supermarket in Eauze so I could collect some milk, eggs and a small set of meaty bones. When I emerged with an armful of groceries, I found a large jeep hovering next to my car with a couple of distinctly malamute-shaped heads visible inside it. They weren’t driving it of course, but one of the two human heads asked “are you Mike?” and so I met Jacquie, Phil and their two handsome lads due to my cyber-notoriety.

25 days - 6100km
I’m going to have a long sleep now. I have 4000 miles of dreaming to catch up, perhaps to think on Ray Bradbury, following Venus across the Sun.

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