Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Roadtrip to France: Something beautiful you can truly own

Munson below the bar Arno & Munson (1)
We went out for dinner with Martin and Arno to Cafe Kostverloren, sitting outside for our first courses while the sun still warmed us. I’d been walking around in a tee-shirt all day but most people were wrapped up in multiple layers of clothing and scarves. The sheer density of people is a far remove away from my new hermit-like farm life. Just having people smoking on the streets, tobacco and the ever-present marijuana from coffee shops was really aggravating my throat like a mild case of tonsillitis.
Martin & Munson Arno & Munson (2)
Lady admirersEverything was put to rights with wine and a meal, starting with an oven-baked cheese dip lightly flavoured with honey, and then moving on to a satay chicken and finally chocolate mousse.

Inside for our later courses, Munson was winning over staff and patrons alike. Two women at the bar kept leaning over to play with his ears, while a young girl from a distant table kept tiptoeing over to take photos – mostly of the back of his head I would surmise.

But at the next table a young woman seemed to have lost the attention of her male companion, who turned his chair ninety degrees just to stare wistfully at Munson through his meal. If you can’t afford a Jaguar, then if you want to truly own ( or rather be truly owned by ) something beautiful, a malamute is a fine place to start.


  1. Anita4:23 pm

    I've just started reading a series of books called 'The Iron Druid Chronicles' a feature of which is an Irish Wolfhound called Oberon, who can communicate with his master (the druid) by telepathy. His comments are always funny because he's thinking like a dog and not a human, he can communicate with the druid but he hasn't been 'humanised'. Sometimes when I look at pictures of Munson I can almost hear him talking.

    1. He is somewhat of a "loud thinker". I used to think that mals with a full white face mask were far less expressive than those with closed masks (like Bondi) but I've learnt this isn't so. Munson has such a way with setting jaw, ears, eyes - along with accompanying sighs, yelps and interpolations of tongue that you can't miss his meaning and moods.


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